Project «Corridor of effective cooperation» promoted start of cooperation between Batumi and Kherson State Maritime Academy

Project “Corridor of effective cooperation” initiated in Kherson in the framework of Baltic Black Sea Economic Forum is actively developing.

Meeting of Deputy Chairman of the Board of Baltic Black Sea Economic Forum Mr. Volodymyr Makukha and Project Leader “Ukraine – Georgia” of Baltic Black Sea Economic Forum Mr. Lasha Kldiashvili with Head of Batumi State Maritime Academy Mr. Iraklii Sharabidze took place on the last day of April.

The Initiative of Kherson State Maritime Academy worded in the official letter of its Head and addressed to colleague from Batumi and related to signing an Agreement of Cooperation between Academies and joining the Project “Corridor of effective cooperation” by Batumi State Maritime Academy were discussed.

Kherson State Maritime Academy actively cooperated with Lithuanian State Maritime Academy (Klaipeda). On the beginning of April cooperation with Maritime University of Gdynia (Poland) was initiated. Besides the initiation the Head of Kherson State Maritime Academy handed to his colleague propositions to agreement of cooperation with Batumi State Maritime Academy which is anticipating to sign.

As an active member of IMLA (Association which unites leading maritime academies all over the world) Batumi State Maritime Academy will host the 26th Conference of this high powered organization in September 2019.

Mr. Iraklii supported the initiation of Kherson colleagues and expressed confidence that cooperation with colleagues from Kherson, Klaipeda and Gdynia has all bases to become effective and fruitful, to allow joint solution of issues related to development of logistics.

In regard of the Agreement of Cooperation the Head of Batumi State Maritime Academy expects that the final wording will be agreed rapidly with Kherson colleagues and it will be ready for signing which Mr. Iraklii suggests to carry out in Batumi either in June during celebration of Sailor Day or during the 26th Conference of IMLA in September.